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Heinze Room
2:45pm - 3:15pm, Saturday 28 July, 2018


The Poulenc Trio is in three movements. The first begins with a short but bold introduction followed by a playful presto throughout the rest, which is reminiscent of an Offenbach Opera style. The more lyrical second movement (Andante) demon­strates fully the composer’s astonishing melodic gifts, coupled with his ability to use subtle har­monic shifts to alter the emotional colour of the music. The last movement (Rondo) is a rollicking modern version of the baroque French gigue, modified by Poulenc’s own sensibilities.

With a huge passion for chamber music, the talented Nick Roney (Saxophone), Terence Liu (Saxophone) and Nathan Fiedorowicz (Piano) have decided to join forces to form Movement III.

Movement III is a Melbourne based ensemble that seeks to explore repertoire written for two saxophones and piano. While working together, we have also developed a common interest in post-classical music and for that reason; we also compile trio music from the 19th and 20th century to transcribe onto saxophone to display the capabilities of the classical saxophone.

As we look into the future, Movement III hopes to provide young musicians with a more personalised music education experience as well as a window to music at university.