Histoire du Tango Photo.jpg

Heinze Room
2:00pm - 2:30pm, Sunday 28 July, 2018


The Epsilon Saxophone Quartet will be presenting Histoire du Tango at the Melbourne International Saxophone Festival this year. Astor Piazzolla originally wrote Histoire du Tango in 1986 for solo flute and guitar, later arranging it for saxophone quartet and many other solo instruments. It is composed of four contrasting movements, each conveying moments in the history and evolution of the tango;

            I           Bordello, 1900

            II         Café, 1930

            III        Night Club, 1960

            IV        Modern-Day Concert

Having recently performed and competed in venues across Brisbane including the Basil Jones Orchestral Hall, Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, the Gehrmann Theatre in Spring Hill and St Peters Lutheran College, the Epsilon Saxophone Quartet is quickly building its reputation and experience as a contemporary chamber ensemble. To date, their performance at the Melbourne International Saxophone Festival will be their most ambitious and exciting. Originally forming as part of an ensemble course at the Queensland Conservatorium, the group discovered a mutual enthusiasm for performing the works of Piazzolla, Nyman and Mellits. Moving forward the quartet hopes to bring an exciting mix of old and new-age contemporary music to its expanding audiences.