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Melba Hall
3:00pm - 3:30pm, Saturday 28 July, 2018


Mix't brings together worlds of Western classical, Latin-American, Jazz, Funk and African music by some of Australia’s finest composers.

Paul Tanner seems reluctant to cease hitting a wide variety of objects, in a frustrated attempt to maintain some sort of order, whilst writing music that sounds so innocent, but at its heart, is rhythmic evil. 

Although seen with saxophone cases slung over his slumped shoulders, the group’s ring-leader Matt Styles will, in desperation, resort to any metallic or wooden pipe of varying length to create a sound, but uniquely, he can improvise like Bear Grylls and still sound like an angel.

Pianist and composer Adam Pinto, with his unique, individual, and often somewhat confused improvisation skills provides a source of amusement to the trio. Luckily his placement in the trio is far enough from the other members to avoid any unpleasantness, especially after commuting on the bicycle to reach rehearsals.