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Tallis Room
3:45pm - 4:15pm, Sunday 29 July, 2018


In his Melbourne Recital, Justinn will be playing two modern pieces from his LMus program; Japanese composer Takashi Yoshimatsu’s Fuzzy Bird Sonata written in 1995, and Australian composer Matthew Orlovich’s Crazy Logic written in 2006, which he is also preparing for his HSC later this year.

Justinn Lu is currently in year 12 at the Sydney Conservatorium High School, where he studies the saxophone as an extended major, as well as a range of academic subjects. He is currently working hard on a big saxophone program as a part of his LMus, in which he is also preparing for performances with the orchestras of the Conservatorium High School, playing the Claude T Smith Fantasia and the Pierre Max Dubois Concerto, as well as playing in several competitions and recitals of both solo and ensemble works. Justinn is looking to study at Melbourne University in 2019.