Superimposition photo.jpg

Melba Hall
12:45pm - 1:15pm, Saturday 28 July, 2018


SuperimpOsition is a kaleidoscopic, microtonal exploration of improvised sound intertwining with experimental video. Gradual transformations and rupture translate, echo, amplify and morph across art forms, using improvisation as a medium. Animator Steve Weymouth's created a musical score based on Angela Wagstaff's innovative Rhizome series of etchings. Rhizome was a response to concepts driving Kay's work, impOsition, and these etchings, layered through burning images with acid on unprotected metal, create an analogy to Kay's compositional technique of layering new material on top of the old, never entirely eradicating previous drafts, like a palimpsest. Weymouth's score continues this process, layering and animating the twelve etchings, bringing out extraordinary details, invoking a strange world, a barely perceived underwater universe. The new version, for saxophone orchestra, was designed for the 2018 International Saxophone Congress in Croatia. In Melbourne it receives its Australian premiere featuring leading saxophonists from Australia and beyond.