Saturday 29 June, 2019
2:00pm - 2:45pm

Hanson Dyer Hall, The Ian Potter Southbank Centre, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

Ticket Price
Adult: $25
Concession: $15

Saxophone is an acoustic instrument almost without parallel in its chameleon-like ability to fit any style and Adam Simmons is an artist who has constantly explored those boundaries, who has been described by Sandy Evans as a “master of breath”. Inspired in equal parts by jazz, new music, thrash, traditional Zen honkyoku and electronica, this program explores the vast tonal capacity of the saxophone. Adam will perform a range of semi-composed pieces focusing on colours and textures of sound, with a view to showcasing the possibilities of saxophone as a complete solo instrument.


Adam Simmons is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and educator, involved across many different scenes within Melbourne and beyond, performing jazz, punk, new music, traditional Japanese honkyo-ku, funk and free noise/improv. He regularly performs internationally, working with artists from USA, Japan, Poland, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Greece and New Caledonia. His ensembles include Origami and the renowned Adam Simmons Creative Music Ensemble. Adam has curated events including Wangaratta Festival of Jazz & Blues, Festival of Slow Music, 100:25:1 and The Usefulness of Art. Adam teaches shakuhachi at University of Melbourne. Adam is endorsed by Forestone Japan (saxophones), Selmer (bass clarinet) and Temby Australia (flutes).

“The music of Melbourne’s Adam Simmons bespeaks a big heart, brimming imagination and startling virtuosity.”
- John Shand – Sydney Morning Herald

“What stood out to me, apart from the musicianship, was that Adam Simmons is simply a really appealing and genuinely nice guy, and that comes across in his performance. He is entertaining because it is clear that he is having fun, and we are taken along on the ride, without having to share the stage with a huge ego.”
- Roger Mitchell – blog


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