Monash Sax Band new photo.jpg

Tallis Room
12:30pm - 1:00pm, Sunday 29 July, 2018


On the menu is Holst’s Jupiter, a refreshing reinterpretation of the beautiful pastoral English melodies and bold motifs. The bittersweet and reminiscent Weeping Willows, written by Lachlan Davidson, will feature the ensemble as a cohesive unit to highlight the majestic potential of every key and the versatility of every mouthpiece. Blues in F, another Davidson classic, is also getting a revival of its cosmopolitan vibes and swinging jams. It’s a hot program with a cool band in a warm hall perfect for treating your ears and motivating your practice routine. See you there.

Monash Sax Band are the new kids on the block at this year’s Melbourne International Saxophone Festival and aim to provide a innovative look into the capabilities of our favourite horns. Students across Monash University have joined forces and are led by the multi-talented Lachlan Davidson to create a group full of experience, technique and dynamics. Our differences define and unite us, extending the capabilities of our ensemble to the realms of jazz, classical, contemporary and all styles in between. We’ve been taking works out of their comfort zones and transforming them to suit our unique ensemble with excellent results. Not only have our experiments been successful, but they have sparked a lot of fun and inspired our continued dedication and passion for the saxophone