Sax HQ Photo.jpg

Loughlin Room
3:30am - 4:00pm, Saturday 28 July, 2018

ENSEMBLE - SAX HQ (Victoria)

Our program is a bit of a mix, and doesn’t particularly stick to any one theme. It includes but is not limited to works such as the Gordon Jacob Quartet #1, J. B. Singelee’s Premier Quatuor, the Kurt Weill tango, and Bach’s G minor fugue, among others. 

Sax HQ is a saxophone quartet that originated in Bairnsdale, which is about 280km East from the city. This group formed through Bairnsdale Secondary College, and primarily consists of two teachers and two students from the school, one of which now attends the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Sax HQ have performed at school concerts and community gigs, as well as recently the Merimbula Jazz Festival. Now they’re expanding their horizons to the city for the Saxophone Festival.