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Tallis Room
11:30pm - 12:00pm, Sunday 29 July, 2018


Saxophone Injury - What happens when things go wrong

If you’ve been injured playing or practicing the saxophone, let’s talk.

Awareness of this area is increasing, but hasn’t always been openly discussed.  Maybe the direct links between sport science, psychology ideals and ‘saxophone fitness’ can help us all in the rehabilitation and prevention of injuries.  Perhaps the ‘warm-up’ and ‘cool-down’ concepts practiced in the area of sport could specifically prove to be beneficial to the saxophonist.

What about neck and back pains? John Mackey has for many years suffered severe back problems as a result of practicing and performing the saxophone.  As a result, in conjunction with the engineering department at the ANU, he has developed an ergonomic stand that counter-weights the load of the saxophone potentially relieving much of the weight from the neck and back.  Come see it - find out more.

Seriously, let’s talk.


Dr. Matt Styles has built a local and international career as a classical, jazz and ‘cross-over’ saxophonist, performing and teaching in the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.  With more than 25 years teaching at primary, secondary and tertiary levels, Matt specializes in the interpretation, pedagogy and performance of classical, jazz and multi-genre or ‘cross-over’ instrumental works.  The Western Australian Symphony, Singapore Symphony and the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra’s also utilize Matthew as their principal saxophonist.

Dr Styles is a Selmer (Paris) and Vandoren Artist has appeared with such artists as Ben Folds, Diana Ross, Dave Weckl, Ben Lee, Paul Grabowsky, Kate Cebrano, Olivia Newton-John and The Manhattan Transfer and performed in 2001 Hong Kong Fringe Festival, the 2006 Villa Cellimontana International Jazz Festival in Rome and at the Nine Gates Beijing International Jazz festival as part of the Glyn Mac Donald Group (GMG) in 2011. He is also a guest soloist, (along with Dale Barlow) on Don Gomez’s In the Moonlight and appears on numerous other jazz, classical and cross-genre albums. He has performed also performed with international saxophonists Jean-Pierre Baraglioli, Otis Murphy and Andy Scott and was a featured artist at the 2002 Australasian Clarinet and Saxophone Conference in Sydney the 2005 Melbourne International Festival of Single Reeds, the World Saxophone Congress (2009, 2012) and the Royal Northern College of Music Sax Day (2013).

In 2004 Matthew returned from a Churchill Fellowship where he  focussed on jazz and classical pedagogical and performance studies in New York, as ‘Visiting Scholar’ at Indiana University Bloomington, working with Dr Otis Murphy and Dr Tom Walsh, and with Dr. Eugene Rousseau at the University of Minnesota. In 2008, Styles completed his Doctorate of Musical Arts at UWA discussing Schuller’s idea of Third Stream Music and the cross-genre works of Mark-Anthony Turnage.  Since then, he has presenting his findings thoughout Australia and Asia and more recently, has been investigating a holistic approach to saxophone injury prevention and rehabilitation including an initial ‘motion capture’ pilot study.

Every year since 1997, Matt has given Australian or World premiere performances of classical and ‘cross-genre’ works specifically arranged or composed for him in his capacity as a unique soloist and improviser.  In 2014, he gave the Australian premiere performance of Mark-Antony Turnage’s Hidden Love Song for Soprano saxophone and symphony orchestra. Recently he began composing works for the saxophone ensemble published by Astute Music UK

Finally, with over 25 years experience teaching at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels, Matthew is establishing himself as a prominent figure in music education, being able to communicate musical meaning to musicians and music lovers of all ages and stages. Currently lecturing classical and contemporary at WAAPA (Edith Cowan University) Matthew has recently completed his doctorate at the University of Western Australia and specialises in the interpretation, pedagogy and performance of classical, jazz and multi-genre or cross-over works. Giving workshops, masterclasses and concerts at the school level is also a passion of Matthew, who is always keen to encourage music students.